May 05, 2023

Pro’s and Con’s of Washing Your Car at Home

Kwik Kar Wash of Old Settlers/Round Rock

Keeping your car looking fresh is just as important as scheduling regular oil changes. Between self-service car washes, washing at home, and visiting a professional car wash nearby, you have many choices ahead of you.

While each option has its pros and cons, many car owners opt to save a little cash and wash their cars at home. Today, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of washing your car at home and why it may just be a better idea to visit a Kwik Kar car wash when your car gets filthy.

Pros of Washing at Home

✓ Convenience is Always a Plus

We get it! People have busy schedules, and having the ability to wash your car on your own time may seem like a big win!

While it’s definitely convenient, there’s still the time and money spent gathering soaps, waxes, brushes and cloth.  Who are you kidding? Washing and detailing your own car could wind up taking more time that you could have saved using a Kwik car wash.

Speaking of time and money…

✓ Cost-Effectiveness

Washing your car at home can be a much cheaper option than taking it to a professional car wash. All you need is a bucket, some soap, an old t shirt, a hose, and you’re good to go.

Over time, you may see cost savings add up, but unless you really love to wash your car regularly and refill soap and wax bottles, you’ll lose lots of money that you could have been spending on something else you’ve been eyeballing on Amazon.

With a little research, you can find a cost-effective car wash near you that goes beyond the standard soap and water job that wears off after a few trips to the office. At Kwik Kar Auto Services, we can give you a full-service car wash at a great price that includes a tire shine, interior wipe down, glass cleaning, and more.

Let’s break it down.

The average cost for car wash soap ranges between $10-$30 a gallon.  Car wax can also cost between $10-$40 per container.  Brushes, microfiber towels or cloths cost anywhere from $10-$30.  So, on the low end, you’re looking at $30 to DIY car wash at home.  If you buy the pricey supplies, it’s going to be closer to $100.

Kwik Kar car washes generally cost around $7.00 for a basic wash and $25 for a premium wash. You can’t beat that at home.

Having to constantly invest in products yourself in order to reach our level of spotless shine will easily put a damper on the cost-effectiveness of washing your car at home.

✓ You Get the Attention to Detail You Want

When you wash your car at home, you can take your time and give it the attention it deserves. Whether you’re washing or performing a total wax to seal in its beauty, you can ensure every inch of your vehicle meets your expectations.

You choose the soap, cleaning products, interior scents, and any other detailing product you prefer.

Cons of Washing Your Car at Home

✕ Washing Your Car is Time-Consuming

Washing your car at home can be time-consuming, especially if you want to do a great job! Depending on the size of your vehicle, it can take several hours to wash, rinse, and dry your car properly, that’s not even accounting for waxing and personal detailing efforts. Add those to the mix, and you’ve easily eaten up a Saturday afternoon!

When you put your car washing duties in our hands, we’ll still take our time to do the job right, but we have the experience and equipment to turn your car wash into the prologue to a fun day of showing off your new wash!

✕ Home Washes Lead to Water Waste

You may think you’re saving money washing your car at home, but the reality is, you’re washing your way into a higher water bill!

The average DIY car wash uses between 40 and 140 gallons of water per car; most of which goes right into your gutters down the street.

While professional car washes also use high amounts of water per vehicle, the water at these locations is often recycled, making your stop at a car wash near you a better choice for the environment.

✕ Risk of Damage

When you’re washing your car at home, there’s a risk that you could cause damage to your vehicle. Many people use regular house towels, which are coarse and could lead to scratching the paintwork on your car. Yes, you could always invest in a microfiber towel to safely dry your car, but a professional wash guarantees the best equipment and washing materials to keep your car looking its best, scratch-free.

Cheap Car Wash at a Kwik Kar Near You

We understand that washing your car at home can be a big point of pride, but it comes with disadvantages. If you’re short on time, want to spare a little environmental waste, or just want a professional to take care of your car during a wash, let the experts at Kwik Kar help.

We aren’t just an oil change and repair shop! We have several car washes throughout Texas that offer premium car wash services at reasonable prices.

Whether you need a standard wash or a complete detailing service, we have your four wheels covered.

Visit a Kwik Kar location near you for a fast and complete car wash today.