Nov 30, 2023

Top 5 Sounds Your Car Makes When You Need Auto Repair

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Everyone wants a smooth ride when it comes to cars as they roll along to the gentle hum of a strong engine. However, missed oil changes and other factors lead to uncomfortable rides with noisy warning sounds that your engine is in danger of failure.


Sure, your check engine light may signal when it’s time to worry, but the following sounds are massive red flags that your car needs auto repair at Kwik Kar Auto Services.

Squealing Under the Hood

If you hear a high-pitched squealing noise from under your hood when you start your car or accelerate, it likely indicates problems with your accessory belts.

Your vehicle’s belts connect parts like the power steering pump, alternator, air conditioner compressor, and water pump to the crankshaft to power them. If the belts become cracked or worn, the pulleys can slip on them, creating a loud squealing or chirping noise.


Ignoring this squeal is not a good idea, as these slipping belts may not adequately run vital engine components like the charging system or power steering.


If you hear this sound, schedule an appointment at Kwik Kar near you today. Our certified mechanics can inspect your belts and replace them if needed.

Clattering Engine Noise

An alarming metallic rattling or clanking noise from the engine likely signals serious internal problems. Potential culprits for internal engine problems include worn or damaged camshaft lifters rattling around in the motor, failed connecting rod bearings (they create that knocking sound), or low oil, leading to failed lubrication.


All of these conditions indicate the motor is worn out or badly maintained. Driving with an engine knock may lead to complete internal destruction and a new engine or vehicle at the end of the day.


If you experience these noises, thoroughly inspect the motor and plan for a potential engine overhaul or replacement. The bottom line is don’t take chances with engine-bearing noise.

Hissing and Steaming


Seeing steam or hearing hissing from under the hood means you probably have an external engine leak of hot coolant or other fluids. Common sources of engine hissing and steaming include leaky radiator or hoses, damaged water pump, or failed intake manifold gasket sucking in air and coolant.


While steam and hissing may not seem as serious as other mechanical noises, fluid leaks pose fire hazards and can lead to overheating or other damage.


Pull over if you see steam from the engine and have your vehicle serviced to determine the source of the leak.


Don’t ignore signs of overheating; always get your vehicle to the nearest Kwik Kar for efficient service, inspections, and repairs.

Howling from the Tailpipe

Loud droning or howling noises emanating from the exhaust system indicate problems with the mufflers, pipes, catalytic converter or resonators.


Corroded or rusted-out mufflers and tailpipes develop perforations. Exhaust gases then escape through the holes to create howling noises.


While noisy exhaust may not seem serious, it allows harmful fumes into the cabin. It can indicate failing emissions components requiring replacement to pass state inspection.

Growling Transmission in Gear

A growing rumbling or roaring noise when accelerating in gear can signal critical automatic transmission problems.


In many cases, worn carrier bearings let the driveshaft wobble around, creating the internal growl.


Bad universal joints also add vibration and noises into the mix.


On top of these issues, metal shavings contaminate and damage the intricate transmission components and also create noticeable growling noises and accelerator delay.


All of these issues point to present transmission problems. Letting noises and vibrations go, and risking further transmission damage is not smart. If you experience these failing transmission symptoms, visit your mechanic to check the fluid and potentially rebuild or replace your automatic gearbox.

Keep Your Vehicle Sounding Best at Kwik Kar

No one wants to have to make a costly engine replacement or purchase a new vehicle out or forced circumstances.


Paying attention to any questionable new noises, looking for leaks, and acting quickly can help avoid more costly damage to your vehicle down the road.


Not everyone is a certified mechanic, so it’s always best to take any suspect sounds to the pros that can help.


At Kwik Kar, we have several auto garages around Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston, Texas, that have the capability to perform complex repairs and routine maintenance.


Protect your vehicle investment today. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or drive into one of our convenient locations if your issue is an emergency. We’re ready to get you back on the road.