Transmission Repair

It is vital to get prompt transmission repair at Kwik Kar Auto Services in Texas because a bad transmission can affect everything from your car’s performance to its fuel efficiency. 

The transmission transfers the power produced by the engine to the car’s drive shaft.  It allows your engine to move at different speeds while controlling power and efficiency.

There are two main types of transmission: manual transmission and automatic transmission. Manual transmission requires manual gear shifts with a clutch pedal. An automatic transmission performs the same shift but with less effort on the driver’s part.

Transmission Services

Eventually, your car will age or something could go wrong that leads to the need for transmission repairs.

Lots can go wrong with your transmission; the most common problems we see at Kwik Kar range from a worn clutch to worn gear synchronization to dirty transmission fluid.

Some of the obvious signs that it’s time to take for transmission repair are an overheating vehicle, a check engine light that’s on, leaking transmission fluid, slipping gears, a burning smell emitting from your car, whining, humming noises while in neutral, a response delay during gear shifts.

There are a variety of repairs that can be made to fix your transmission, including the replacement of any worn or frayed belts, replacement of contaminated fluids, adjusting the cables and linkages of the transmission, and checking bolts or hardware that may have loosened over time.

Inspecting potential transmission problems should be performed by a professional mechanic. The experienced transmission mechanics at a Kwik Kar near you can quickly diagnose your transmission problems and get started on repairs!

Kwik Kar Transmission Services

Transmission Replacement

Sadly, there are times when a transmission may be beyond repair and require a full transmission replacement. This isn’t something the average technician can do, and requires experience and the right equipment.  Our Ridgmar and Lewisville service stations perform transmission replacements and can help you get your vehicle operating smoothly and safely on the roads once again.

Transmission Repair FAQs

Transmission fluid should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, which can vary from every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. A general rule of thumb is that transmission fluid should be changed at least every 50,000 miles or every two years, whichever comes first.

Bad transmission fluid can have a variety of appearances, but most commonly it will appear discolored, with a dark red, brown or black hue. It may also have a gritty texture and smell like burnt oil.

Signs your transmission is bad include difficulty shifting gears, grinding noises when changing gears, increased harshness and vibrations when the vehicle shifts, unexpected slipping out of gear, and a burning smell during vehicle operation.

Transmission problems have a variety of causes. The most common reasons behind transmission problems are low transmission fluid or dirty transmission fluid. Parking without a handbrake, shifting an automatic transmission while the vehicle is in motion, and incorrect manual gear shifts also contribute to transmission problems.

Yes, weak batteries often have difficulty providing the necessary power to keep all of the components in modern automobiles functioning properly.

As such, when there is not enough power available to the system, some of the transmission components may fail to function as expected and lead to performance issues.

Whether or not you can still drive with transmission problems will depend on the severity of the issue and your own comfort level. It is possible to drive with minor transmission problems, but it is not recommended.

Further damage may occur if you continue driving with a malfunctioning transmission system since wear and tear can build up over time and become worse if left unchecked.

You may also experience decreased fuel efficiency as well as stalling or hesitation when accelerating; all of which could put you in danger while out on the roads.

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding whether you can still drive with transmission problems, it’s best to err on the side of caution and take your car into a certified mechanic for professional diagnosis and repairs if needed.

The average transmission repair ranges in cost between $300 and $1,400.

When you replace a transmission, you’re looking at spending between $1,800 and $3,400. If the cost to replace the transmission is greater than what the car is worth, it may not be worth replacing.

If only minor repairs are needed and the transmission is in otherwise decent condition, it could take as little as 4-6 hours.

However more extensive repairs such as a transmission rebuild can take significantly longer; up to 20 or even 30 hours for vehicles with complicated engine and transmission systems.

Some of the most common signs of a faulty transmission include difficulty accelerating, delays shifting into reverse, slipping gears, grinding when shifting gears, leaking fluids, and a burning smell.

The most common reasons why your transmission won’t shift into gear include low transmission fluid levels, worn-out shift linkage, faulty clutch plates and bushings, or an issue with the electrical system.

There are a few possible reasons why your transmission is not shifting smoothly. It could be due to an overfilled or low fluid level,a faulty Engine Control Module (ECM), worn out bands and clutches, a faulty valve body, mechanical problems with the shift lever assembly, dirty transmission fluid or worn out seals and gaskets.

Major Repairs

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Kwik Kar Transmission Services

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Kwik Kar is Texas’s most trusted provider of automotive maintenance and repairs. We are conveniently located throughout most major communities in DFW, Houston, and Austin. We have been keeping your cars and trucks running smoothly for over ten years and are ready to help you.

If you have transmission problems, our Ridgmar and Lewisville locations can perform transmission replacement in addition to repairs. If you need a standard repair or maintenance check, make an appointment or stop in at any location near you.

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