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Kwik Kar Lube & Auto Repair - Dallas, Texas

Visit your Buckner Terrace neighborhood Kwik Kar Automotive Service Center located at the corner of Samuell Ave and St. Francis Ave in Dallas, TX for convenient and friendly car repair or maintenance!

Dallas is a big city, and you need your car to be up to the job of navigating its roads. It can be hard to find a trustworthy automotive service provider, but the technicians and mechanics of Kwik Kar Automotive Lube and Service Center are ready to make you a life-long client.

At Kwik Kar, we deliver excellent service at the best prices in Dallas, Texas. When you bring your car in for repair at our Dallas service center located across from the Wal Mart, you can rest assured that it will be serviced by a certified professional with the expertise and experience to perform any repairs that are needed to get you back on the road.

Car Repair FAQs

Oil changes, state inspections and flush services are the most popular maintenance requests at the Dallas Kwik Kar service center. Our technicians and mechanics report that these are the top 6 most common questions we hear about car repair.

A car needs to be lubricated routinely to keep it in good condition. An oil change is one essential car maintenance strategy to keep your vehicle in good condition. The cost of changing oil is affected by the quantity of oil needed, type of oil, model of the vehicle, and the manner in which the oil is changed.

The frequency of changing oil depends on the age of the car. Due to the addition of computers as the central feature of your vehicle’s function, newer vehicles do not require the same form and frequency of maintenance as older cars do every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

A tune up is an effective service performed on modern cars that typically involves changing the oil, replacing the engine air filter, replacing the spark plugs, flush services, and possibly a few other things as well. A tune up is typically advised when a car’s performance deteriorates or when the spark plugs need to be replaced according to the maintenance schedule.

For older or high mileage vehicles, additional tuneup services might include replacing the front oxygen sensor when the car gets poor gas mileage, replacing the fuel filter, and replacing the throttle body and the timing body.

The annual evaluation of all state-registered automobiles is known as a state inspection. Inspections encompass various components of your car that make driving on the road safe. Every component that could jeopardize your car’s safety is examined in Texas state inspections. Emergency lights, headlamps, and almost all other lamps are typically tested during a Texas state inspection. The braking system, horn, airbags, wheel components such as tire tread depth, and the exhaust system are also checked for flaws or abnormal behavior.

Yes, Kwik Kar performs wheel alignments. We change or adjust the wheel angles to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines. The primary goals of aligning the wheels are tire wear reduction and better tire contact with the road.

To determine whether your wheels require alignment, look for whether the vehicle is pulling in one direction, has a squeaky steering wheel, or has an uneven wear and tear.

The time it takes for a wheel alignment depends on the condition of your vehicle. It will take about one hour if the vehicle is in good condition. If the car is not in good condition, the alignment may take longer.

Tires should be well maintained and often rotated. Rotating tires is done to ensure the security of the drivers and pedestrians on the street. If you detect any warning signals like unequal tire wear, you should replace your tires. Additionally, tires are to be rotated per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Brakes squeak for various reasons including insufficient lubrication on the brake drums and the material of the brake pads. Metallic-component brake pads, for example, squeal louder when they make contact with the motor.

Depending on the force applied to the brakes, the user’s breaking style may cause the brakes to squeak. If the brake is also exposed to moisture, it will most likely squeak. Worn-out brakes and a duct between the rotor and the brake pad could also be the source of your squeaking brakes.

Squeaky brakes should never be ignored. A little squeak may become a significant problem that may affect the safety of the passengers and road users. When you notice brake squeaks, ensure a well-qualified mechanic checks out your vehicle.

Full-Service, When Your Vehicle Needs It!

Maintenance is a necessity when it comes to your vehicle. If you let routine services like oil changes and tire rotations go, eventually, your car is going to run out of steam.

Don’t get stranded because of overlooked car maintenance. If you know it’s been a while since your vehicle has had a tune-up, stop in to Kwik Kar’s Dallas location for the best auto services in the city.

Whether you need a simple oil change or a full transmission service, the skilled technicians at Kwik Kar Dallas will get the job done quickly without pressuring you to pay for unnecessary expenses. We’ll quote you an honest price for honest work.

We handle all necessary auto maintenance and can perform the following services for you, today:

  • Standard oil change
  • Diesel oil change
  • Air conditioning service
  • Wheel alignment
  • Fuel injection service
  • Engine diagnostic service
  • Transmission service
  • Texas vehicle inspections and more.

Whatever your vehicle needs to operate on the road safely, we guarantee our technicians can provide an effective service.

Quality Vehicle Repairs at Honest Rates

We are a full-service auto shop, and we mean “full-service.” We don’t just stop at maintenance but are also here for you when your vehicle experiences problems that require an expert’s touch.

When it comes to auto repairs, make sure that you work with a team that can go above and beyond with their duties.

Our ASE Certified Master Technician and our other certified technicians perform all repairs with skill and integrity to get you back on the road safely.

The auto repair services we offer at our Dallas location include the following:

  • Brake repair
  • Engine repair
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Emissions repair
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Electric diagnostics repairs, and more!

No matter your vehicle’s repair needs, the experts at Kwik Kar can help get your car running like new again. We will quickly diagnose your issue and perform swift repairs at a fair price.

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