Feb 28, 2022

5 Signs That Your Engine is in Need of Repairs

How to Know When Your Engine Needs Maintenance

Your vehicle’s engine is essential towards helping it keep its promise of getting you safely from destination to destination. So, keeping your engine well-stocked on oil and taking it to your local mechanic for regular maintenance is important.

While most people understand this as a fact, many still fail to take their vehicle in during critical maintenance windows. This type of negligence leads to an engine failure that could cost a person thousands of dollars in total replacements.

Don’t let yourself get stranded on the side of the road because you failed to recognize the red flags of a damaged engine. Make sure to take your engine in for maintenance and repairs if you notice these signs of a problem.

Your Check Engine Light Goes On

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your engine is the check engine light flashing on. Yes, it’s possible for your check engine light to malfunction and trigger, but when you see this light on your dashboard, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The average check engine light turns on for numerous reasons that can include:

  • Malfunctions within your engine’s sensors
  • The need for gasket replacement
  • Vent control valve issues
  • Engine coolant temperature sensor replacement
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • A bad catalytic converter, and more

The average check engine inspection and repairs that come with them may seem expensive in the moment but are far less expensive than replacing your whole engine. So, if your check engine light turns on while you’re driving, it’s time to make an appointment with a trusted mechanic.

Knocking Sounds

Knocking sounds and vibrating engines are never a good sign. This means that you’ve put off essential oil changes for too long.

When your engine starts knocking and vibrating it’s due to a lack of engine oil running through its system; meaning all of the machinery used to make your engine run is knocking together with little to no lubrication.

Yes, adding oil to your engine could resolve the issue, but the chances are that by now, the damage is done, and it’s time to take your engine in for repairs or a rebuild.

Lost Power

As vehicles age, it’s common to notice that their power just isn’t what it used to be when you bought them. However, if you find that the lost power is sudden and jarring, you could have some underlying issues with your engine’s airflow and exhaust system that require repairs.

Discolored Exhaust Smoke

If your car starts leaving a trail of black, white, or even blue smoke behind it, this is a massive red flag that your engine needs an inspection and repairs.

White smoke

White smoke is an indication of a coolant leak that can easily leave your engine overheated and broken down.

Black smoke

Black smoke means that your engine is burning too much gasoline, indicating faulty spark plugs or damaged fuel injectors.

Blue smoke

Blue smoke means you likely have an oil leak that needs to be dealt with. Oil leaks lead to significant damage to your engine and are also a massive fire and safety hazard.

Declining Gas Mileage

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been filling up at the pump more often than you should be, it may be time to consider getting your engine checked out. While many issues outside of your engine could lead to declining gas mileage, your engine’s compression stroke could be the cause of your constant gas station stops.

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