Jul 20, 2021

Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

Car Preparing For Oil Change at Kwik Kar

One of the most essential maintenance services you can perform on your vehicle is an oil change. For most newer cars, the oil needs to be changed every 5,000 miles. You should consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommended intervals.

Drivers typically fall into two camps when it comes to oil changes:

  1. They get their oil changed after their vehicle has traveled 5,000 miles
  2. They wait until their “Check Oil” light comes on

Whatever type of driver you are, it’s always best to listen to your instinct or your car and get your oil changed before any major problems occur.

What if You Don’t Change Your Oil Regularly?

Unfortunately, there is also a third type of driver that takes the major risk of driving for months or sometimes years beyond a safe oil change schedule. Going long enough without an oil change can lead to your engine seizing up and completely failing.

Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

At Kwik Kar Automotive Lube & Service Center, we guarantee low-cost oil changes that provide the opportunity for all our customers to treat their cars to the best services in town. Save yourself some time and money by paying attention to these signs that it’s time for you to take your car in for an oil change (even if your service light isn’t on yet).

More Exhaust Than Usual

Most cars on the road won’t have any visible exhaust emitting from their tailpipes. So, if you notice even a slight trail of exhaust while your car is running, your oil has sat unchanged for so long that it is harming your engine and putting it on the fast-track for failure.

Your Vehicle Returned from a Longer Trip

Summer is the time for long road trips and scenic drives. While it’s great to take your car out for a relatively lengthy spin, if you’re crossing multiple state lines on your journey, it’s always best to get an oil change when you return.

As we mentioned before, your oil should be changed around every 5,000 miles. So, a long trip will put your vehicle in the position for a change sooner than later. Be proactive and keep your car healthy after any major summer drive.

Unusual Noise in the Engine

If your engine is well-lubricated with healthy oil, it’s going to run smoothly and without issue. However, if your oil is thinning or dirty with grime, the gears of your engine will begin to connect, and you’ll soon start to hear dreaded knocking sounds while your car is running.

Trust us, when you hear a knock like that, answer the call and reach out to Kwik Kar to get your vehicle scheduled for extensive services.

Strange Oil Texture

Most drivers check their oil’s color as a way to determine the quality of their oil. Oil naturally gets darker as it’s used. So, we suggest examining the consistency of your oil over the shade of it. If your oil feels gritty, this is a sure sign that it’s time for you to take your vehicle in for an oil change.

Shaking When Idle

If your engine is running low on oil, even idling makes it work harder than it must. If you are at a stoplight and notice your vehicle begins to vibrate, make every effort to get your car or truck into a local automotive garage as soon as possible for quality lube services.

Receive a Fast, Efficient Oil Change from a Kwik Kar Near You

If your “Check Oil” light is on or you know that it’s time for you to stop in for an oil change, make sure to give your car the best treatment it can receive. At Kwik Kar, we are proud to offer the most efficient oil changes in Texas.

No matter the type of engine your vehicle has, our master technicians have the experience and equipment to get you in, out, and back on the road, fast.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or simply drive to a Kwik Kar near you for quality service that can’t be beaten.