Feb 28, 2023

Why Should You Get Regular Car Washes?

The words "Wash me" written on dirty car

Everybody loves the look and feel of a freshly-washed car.  You can drive down the road a little prouder, chin a touch higher when your car looks brand-new. But it’s not all about the looks!

In fact, there are plenty of benefits that go far deeper than you might think. Let’s dive into some of the lesser-known benefits of getting your car washed regularly.

Protect Your Paint Job

Bird poop on car wind shield Little-known fact; most of the debris, droppings and pollen that collect on your vehicle can ruin your paint job over time.

Bird droppings, for example, can be highly acidic. It’s not just unsightly, but legitimately dangerous for your car or truck’s continued health. A regular car wash from one of Kwik Kar Lube & Repair’s many car wash locations throughout Texas will help you maintain the shiny newness of your car by actively protecting your paint job.

Safer Driving

You must be familiar with the sensation of clarity and detail that occurs when you cleaning your glasses or sunglasses, right? They’re never quite as clean as we think, because our eyes naturally adjust as they get more dust, fingerprints and other debris on them.

The same is true of your car and its windows and mirrors. You could be driving with obscured windows or mirrors and not even realize it, which may impact your ability to react when you need your reflexes on the road.

Getting your car washed regularly can keep your mirrors and windows sparkling. You’ll see everything on the road.

Shiny, Clean Cars Leave an Impression

It’s normal and appropriate to take pride in your car’s appearance. In some professions, the car you drive is considered part of creating your professional persona. Likewise, when you acquired your vehicle, part of that decision was about how it would represent you.

Presenting yourself alongside a clean, well-running car or truck is a great way to show attention to detail and devotion to excellence. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t exactly show up to work with bird droppings on your clothes, would you?

Your Car Actually Runs Better

You’re not imagining it when it seems like your car runs better after a car wash. Dirt, debris and worse can get stuck in your wheels, tires, wheel well and apparatus that accumulate, dragging on your car and even creating dangerous driving conditions.

A pristine wheel and axle keep you moving forward, with no distractions. A regular car wash at one of Kwik Kar’s several Texas locations means you can keep yourself riding high and driving safely.

A Car Wash From Kwik Kar Makes You Shine

Kwik Kar Lube and Repair has several car wash locations throughout Texas, so feel free to reach out wherever you are, or drop by next time you need a refresh.

Kwik Kar isn’t just Texas’s most trusted provider of auto repair services, we’ve also got an excellent reputation for our car washes. Our work, as ever, guarantees your satisfaction and safety once you’re driving in the clear. Come by for a quick wash today or contact us to schedule maintenance repair.