Jan 17, 2022

Is It Time for Your Vehicle’s Brake Maintenance?

When to Know It's Time to Get Vehicle Maintenance

No matter what you drive, your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. However, in order to ensure that they safely bring your car to a stop when you need them to, maintenance is essential.

Knowing when to take your vehicle in for brake maintenance and repairs can mean the difference between a safe driving experience and a disastrous one. Here’s a look at what brake maintenance is and when to know that it’s time to take your brakes to a local auto mechanic.

What is Brake Maintenance?

Brake maintenance should occur between every 12,000 and 25,000 miles that you operate your vehicle. Some of the important steps of brake maintenance that keep your vehicle running safely are:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Inspection of the master cylinder
  • Brake line inspection
  • Caliper removal and inspection
  • Guide pin and caliper lubrication

5 Signs That You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

If you notice any of these problems with your brakes, it’s time to schedule maintenance before a warning sign becomes a full-blown disaster.

Strange Noises

If you start to hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding whenever you tap the brakes, these are a sure sign that your brake pads are ready to get changed out. Although grinding noises are the most urgent sign of bad brakes, the other noises mean that your pads are getting run down and the dreaded grinding noise is following shortly after.

It’s Taking Longer to Stop Your Vehicle

If you press on your brakes and notice that your car takes longer than it should come to a stop, this is a red flag that something is wrong with your system. From worn-down brake pads to leaking brake fluid, it will take a brake servicing appointment to uncover the problem behind your lagging brakes.

Vibration in the Brake Pedal

Your brake pads need a smooth surface to grip in order to come to a safe, complete stop. The process should never be a jarring experience.

However, if your brake pedal or vehicle begins to vibrate whenever you tap your brakes, this likely means that your brake rotors are warped and need to be replaced.

Your Wheel is Pulling

When your car comes to a stop, it should do so in a straight line. If you press your brakes and your vehicle pulls to one side, it’s an indicator that your brake pads are unevenly worn or there is a problem with your brake cylinder.

Your ABS Light Comes On

Finally, even if nothing else seems to be wrong with your brakes, if your ABS warning light comes on when your car isn’t parked, this means there’s a problem. The first time this happens, make an appointment with a trusted mechanic for thorough maintenance and inspection of your brakes before a true malfunction occurs.

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