Oct 29, 2021

What are the Different Types of Oil Used in an Oil Change?

Different Types of Oil Used in an Oil Change

Although electric vehicles are starting to have a more prominent presence in the car community, most vehicle engines still rely on motor oil for peak performance.

While most people know that there are different types of oil used in an oil changethe majority of oil change customers only rely on a mechanic’s recommendation for the type of oil their vehicle needs.

The oil in your care is important, so we’d like to help you understand the benefits and needs behind each type of oil available in an oil change from Kwik Kar Automotive Lube & Service Center.

What Types of Oil Does Kwik Kar Use During an Oil Change?

Oil may be essential for your vehicle, but knowing the differences between oil types gives you a leg-up when it comes to properly handling your necessary vehicle maintenance.

Conventional Oil

If your vehicle is one that is relatively new or has mileage in the mid-range on its odometer, conventional oil is likely to be the oil your vehicle will need. 

Based on the type of engine you have, the viscosity of the oil may differ in range, but for vehicles that aren’t high-mileage or have specialty engines, this reliable, affordable oil is enough to keep your engine healthy.

Keep in mind that an engine running on conventional oil will require more frequent oil changes than one that relies on synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is a man-made oil that uses standard oil as its base, but includes several additives to help boost its performance within a vehicle. Synthetic oil is simply better for your vehicle because:

  • It can perform well in hot and cold temperatures
  • It has fewer impurities than conventional oil
  • It lasts longer between oil changes (Recommended changes are at around 7,000 miles vs. 3,000 with standard oil)

If you are interested in using full synthetic motor oil during your next oil change at Kwik Kar in Texas, makes sure you redeem our coupon toward $10 Off Any Full Synthetic Oil Change!

Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blend is a motor oil that is a pure combination of standard and synthetic oils. This is recommended for drivers that want some of the benefits of synthetic oil without the higher price point.  That said, Kwik Kar Auto Services in Texas offers $7.00 Off any synthetic blend when you visit our auto service center. 

With a synthetic blend, drivers can benefit from:

  • A longer period of protection than standard oil
  • Temperature performance
  • Fewer emissions
  • Improved fuel economy


Many vehicle owners love to hold onto their cars or trucks until they no longer function. Fortunately, if your vehicle has over 75,000 miles on it, high-mileage oil can help keep your engine running longer through efficient lubrication and protection against common challenges in older vehicles, like oil leaks and oil burnout.

How Do You Know What Oil Your Vehicle Needs?

All of your essential oil information is located in your vehicle’s owner manual. However, if you’ve lost your manual or are unsure of if your car qualifies for high-mileage oil, our professional mechanics will always ensure that your vehicle receives the oil it needs to keep its engine running like new.

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