Jun 24, 2022

7 Auto Repairs You Should Never Attempt to DIY

Auto Repairs to Never DIY

Many people prefer to do the majority of their car repairs at home. It is a way to save money for some repairs but for other repairs, it’s best to visit a local auto mechanic.

No matter what your reason is for DIY vehicle repairs, here are 7 repairs that you should always leave to the auto maintenance and repair professionals.

Top 7 Auto Repairs That Require an Auto Maintenance and Repair Professional

Let’s take a closer look at seven of the most common repairs our master mechanics can resolve at a Kwik Kar near you.

  1. Transmission Repairs

    The transmission is a very complex piece of machinery. In newer vehicles, it is also intertwined with the computer systems in the car. Anything you do to the transmission can have a rippling effect throughout the car’s entire system.

  2. Shocks

    It may seem like a very simple car repair, especially if you have the right tools to compress the shocks when installing them. However, this is also one of the most dangerous jobs to do at home.

    When you are replacing the shocks on your vehicle, you will have your car up on jack stands, you will be working underneath the vehicle, and you will need to put a lot of physical force on these parts to get them in.

    This can all lead to a disaster if the jack stands moves or falls. Let the mechanics put your var on a lift and safely replace your shocks.

  3. Brakes

    The brakes on your vehicle may seem like routine automobile maintenance, but they can be very tricky. Your brakes need to be replaced perfectly, or you place yourself, your family, and others at risk of brake failure. This is a risk no one should take.

  4. Radiator

    While the radiator seems like a simple fix, it is not. There are tons of how-to videos available, making it seem simple. However, if the radiator is not replaced correctly, the hoses are wrong, or if it is not filled right, you risk overheating and blowing your engine.

  5. Timing Belt

    The timing belt regulates many different functions in your vehicle. You will need to disassemble at least half of your engine to get to the timing belt and hope you align and reassemble everything correctly. If any of the parts are off, you could suffer system failure.

  6. Replacing Head Gasket

    The head gasket is an essential part of the engine. With time, it does wear out. This is a very labor-intensive repair when you have the right tools. Replacing the head gasket at home could result in disaster.

  7. Fuel Pumps

    Fuel pumps used to be simple pieces of equipment that were easy to change at home. This is no longer the case. With all the new technologies incorporated into the fuel pump, a specialty repair should be done by a professional.

Rely On Kwik Kar Automotive Services to Handle Complex Repairs

When you need reliable and affordable automotive repairs with a quick turnaround time for repairs, you can rely on Kwik Kar Automotive Services. We offer complete automobile repairs and services at our modern repair facility.

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