Sep 19, 2022

Should I Take My Car to Dealership or Mechanic?

Mechanic Talks to Customer

Car problems are always such an unexpected pain to deal with! What’s worse, we all wonder whether  to take our cars to the dealership or our local vehicle maintenance shop for repairs. Both have benefits, but both have drawbacks. Which is a the best for you?

Let’s examine some of the benefits and drawbacks of taking your vehicle to a dealership or local shop for regular maintenance and repairs.

Major Repair or Average Oil Change?

If you are looking for regular vehicle maintenance, you save money by visiting a local repair shop like Kwik Kar. Our independent repair shops have mastered preventative maintenance and regular repairs for all types of cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. This allows us to perform oil changes and fluid replacements quickly and more affordably than a car dealership.

How Old is Your Car?

If you have a brand new car that is not running properly, take it to the dealership. Your car is probably still under warranty, thus repair should be covered. However, if you discover that the repair is going to require out-of-pocket payment, call your local mechanic to price-shop.

When your car has over 50,000 miles on it, or it just an older model, start with your local mechanic. Local auto repair teams have more access to older car parts than a dealership, and they will be able to fix your car faster.

Local mechanics are seasoned in repairing all types of vehicles, regardless of age. They’re most likely to identify that “whirring noise” or “clicking” sound without having to run expensive diagnostics on the vehicle. Independent mechanics also know how to get repairs done within the least amount of billable hours, making it much more affordable for older car repairs.

Do You Need Multiple Repairs Completed At Once?

What would you say about having your oil changed, radiator flushed, and brake pads changed all at once? The convenience of being able to all three services completed at once is hard to pass up.  Whatever combination of car maintenance services at once in a local auto repair shop.

Dealerships have a set number of billable hours for any repair. This means that if you take your vehicle in for three repairs, dealers charge you three, separate charges for each repair.

On the flipside, all billable work hours and costs for parts are combined into one invoice at a mechanic.

VIP Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages about working with a local mechanic is the customer experience. When you bring your vehicle to a local mechanic, they take the time to get to know you and your car.  Over time, and repeat business, you get familiar with your mechanics and build a relationship. This relationship leads to more efficient results, honest communication and a comfortable customer experience.

Visit Your Local Kwik Kar Lube and Service Center

Remember that your local mechanic is the best bet for more affordable, routine car maintenance, combining multiple services into one visit and one invoice. Unlike a dealership, your local mechanic has access to rare, older car parts to rescue your older model in a pinch.

You’ll find an affordable Kwik Kar Auto Service and Lube location throughout Texas! Check out our latest deals and discounts to help you swing your car maintenance and repairs.  We take walk-in’s or scheduled appointments for your convenience at any of our locations in DFW, Houston and or Austin.